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What is the Purpose of a Formal Service Award Program?

March 28, 2011 by  

The main point is that a formal service award program holds a company accountable to doing daily recognition. Think about that previous statement. Compare your company’s standards of how you handle daily recognition to others in your industry. Would yours be better or worse than most? Imagine a company that holds a beautiful annual event that includes a dinner at a banquet hall, where all people celebrating a years of service anniversary are accompanied by their spouse to be honored in front of their peers and recognized for their dedication to the company.

A company who makes the investment of money and time to go through the work of recognizing its most important assets, the people, is going to also be inclined to take care of daily recognition throughout the year aside from the formal event. A manager who has to prepare a two minute synopsis of the awarded employee is going to be paying closer attention to the tasks the employee works on. This manager will be inclined to give positive affirmations to the employee for a job well done leading up to the event.

In other words if your company does not have a formal event the managers will most likely not be motivated to give small forms of incentives and recognition to their employees. A company that doesn’t take the time to recognize an employees long term commitment is not going to retain their best employees.

Now if your company doesn’t have the budget for a big banquet there are other things you can do. A low cost alternative is to pull everyone together in a unit for a few minutes to take the time to formalize the service award recognition. You are accomplishing the praise portion in front of their peers.

Employees that decide to quit their jobs usually leave because of a bad relationship with their manager. They don’t quit on the company they quit on the manager, which usually means they find the need the leave the company. This problem stems from feeling un-appreciated. Managers need to find ways to show genuine interest in their employees and look for ways to give positive affirmations.

If your company is lacking a formal service award program and is also looking for guidance on what to do for daily recognition contact us today, we can help!


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