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What Drives Employee Productivity?

March 24, 2011 by  

There are many answers to this question. We are all given the same amount of minutes in each hour of work each day. Some people seem to accomplish more with less effort. How do I become one of these people that gets more done in what appears to be less time? How do you help others become those people? First of all, your employees are hopefully doing work that they look forward to doing on a daily basis. If they are not, they will be tired and un-motivated if their core skill set is not being challenged. The answer to driving employee productivity has nothing to do with time; it has to do with harnessing more energy at the goal.

What drives a high energy level? Passion and a definitive purpose with a clear goal of what is to be achieved is what drives a person’s energy level. You, as a manager, must be certain that you have clearly set the guidelines of what is to be achieved so that your employees know what they are working toward. Take a look at the ways you engage the interest of your employees toward their goals on a daily basis. Small incentives and public recognition of the people who are doing the right activities will keep their energy level high while driving productivity.

I also suggest that you have personal consultations to engage your employees and help them understand their core skill sets. Employees who feel satisfied with their work is key to productivity and employee retention. If a skilled, outgoing nurse is limited to answering the phones for her department during the majority of her shift, it will not be long before she is looking to be transferred to a new department. Think of a purebred race horse that is given the task of working in a farmer’s field all day, pulling a plow, to till the ground. The horse will soon be unproductive as it is not doing what it is meant to do. Now, if this same race horse knew that the field that was being plowed is going to be turned into a race track the clear set goal will motivate the horse to finish the task.

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