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The Most Cost Effective Recognition

March 5, 2010 by  

How much should an award recognition program cost? That’s a question that many struggle with. What amount best says, “thank you”? If this is something you struggle with…be careful you don’t get caught up in the “keeping up with the Jones’” mentality…trying to copy or out-do what someone else is doing.

Here’s a paradigm shift for you…recognition should cost nothing! Recognition is not in a thing presented…it’s in the sentiment given. It’s in expressing ourselves…telling someone else of the value they mean to us. It’s in words and acknowledgment before peers. Recognition is in words of affirmation and edification given in the context of community topped of with the touch of a handshake or pat on the back. How basic, but how often we forget our simple human needs. When I first started in the business world, I was taught a simple principle, KISS…perhaps you know of it as well…”keep it simple, stupid”. I am reminded of this often times as I sit through management seminars and listen to the speaker state out principles they have gleaned from the business world. As I listen, I say to my self, “dah!”…I’ve heard that before, that’s what it says in the Bible…nothing new, the same wisdom of God, just packaged in a different way and they’ve put their name on it. I guess what I am advocating is, go back to the basics about what we know about ourselves. Distill it down.

Recognition involves investment…not in money…but in ourselves…taking time to reflect and value one another.

Wouldn’t it be a radical idea for you to propose simplifying your employee recognition program and calling for a higher investment of the heart of your management. If your management can answer the question, “what do I value in my co-workers?”, they should be able to acknowledge that before others.

Create a transformation culture in your organization…a recognition culture…building up good employees into even better employees…that’s a cost effective recognition program!


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