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Program Design and Consultation

Award Concepts takes into consideration a company’s industry, employee demographics, culture, core values and budgetary guidelines when developing and designing a highly effective recognition program. These parameters directly correlate to program development, gift selections, literature design and emblematic choices. After initial program implementation, we will continuously evolve the program to further promote successful employee engagement and recognition within your organization.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone to the success and growth of our business. We have several consistent measurement capabilities to monitor program performance and operational efficiency. The following is a list of the most effective tools for measuring the effectiveness of the recognition program:

  • Detailed reporting and analysis of program usage by participants (response methods, gift selections, employee satisfaction surveys)
  • On-going reviews (monthly, quarterly and annually) with Program Administrators to discuss effectiveness of specific parameters that drive employee satisfaction
  • Survey employees to measure key areas of overall program performance
  • Regular communication with client administrators to ensure that all elements of the program are functioning as expected and to identify any issues that require improvement

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Program Design Process

Our designated staff will teleconference and/or meet with your representatives to fully identify and define all aspects of the award program. Focus will be on brochure development, gift selections, emblematic jewelry renderings, website design, manufacturing, packaging and literature/gift shipping schedules. Shortly thereafter, Award Concepts will produce initial drafts of your organization’s customized brochures for review and approval by your staff. We will then: complete gift selections, clarify engraving instructions to appear on brochure, confirm jewelry renderings and initiate tooling production (if applicable).

Generally, we allow 30 to 60 days for full program implementation. Brochure and jewelry design time and approval requires 1-2 weeks. Tooling manufacturing time can vary, depending on the extent of the emblematic jewelry.

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Benchmarking and On-Going Assessment

As you will find when you work with us, your management team will have access to administrative screens in our ACTION software specific to your program. These screens will allow you to observe cumulative information regarding the gift selections of your employees. We do not mention this expecting you to do the monitoring, but rather that you might see a sampling of how we conduct and monitor, assess, and measure the success of the program.

The same data collected from your program is collected from the numerous other programs that we provide and service. We have a practice of on-going review to focus, strengthen and refine our offerings. We view program offerings as fluid. When we find new “hot” items in the marketplace or when we spot items not moving in your program, we will advocate to you changes in your program even in the midst of a yearly program commitment. This on-going dialogue with you achieves engagement that, from our experience with clients, yields success for you, your employees, your organization morale and us. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Various reports are conducted annually to ensure program success. For example, the product usage report identifies any products/gift selections that need to be substituted with newer and more appealing items.

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Web-Based Services

Award Concepts will provide a customized web-based award catalog and ordering portal for your award recipients. All awardees will sign into the website with a username and password, view their award selections and seamlessly place their orders. Our web-based merchandise catalog and ordering portal uptime is nearly flawless. Our systems can be successfully updated and maintained without going offline.

Our company’s web-based online ordering systems have been custom-programmed and designed specifically for our customer’s needs. There are no hardware or software requirements necessary to install or run our merchandise catalog or ordering portal. Internet access is required. Adobe Flash is also recommended for viewing the merchandise catalog(s).

Over a three year period, Award Concepts has received and successfully processed over 36,000 orders through our web-based ordering system.

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Automated Ordering Process

Our client sends an employee/awardee data file to Award Concepts. Our Customer Care Department then formats the data and uploads it to our ACTION ordering system. Award literature is printed based on the awardee data, including a unique username and password for online ordering. Awardees receive their award brochure containing ordering instructions. Orders may be placed via phone, fax, email, or custom website.

All orders are processed through our ACTION ordering website and automatically transmitted into our accounting/fulfillment system. Shipping labels and packing lists are printed through the fulfillment system. Address data is automatically transmitted to the UPS shipping database. A shipping label is then printed with the shipment destination address. All UPS tracking numbers are captured and pushed back through the order fulfillment system. Tracking is easily accessible by Award Concepts, your award recipients, and your program administrators.

The system is completely automated so that there is no need for the re-keying of data or order entry. This ensures data integrity and order accuracy.

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Reports Available to Your Staff

All of our reports have been designed with your program administrators in mind. These reports are easy to run and provide program administrators with the specific data they request. Most reports will provide results in several seconds; however, more advanced reports may take 2-3 minutes to run. The reports are run on a real-time basis and therefore provide up-to-date information at all times.

Some of the reports we provide:

  • Open Orders – View a full listing of awardees that have placed their orders but have yet to receive them.
  • Shipped Orders – View all orders that have shipped between the date ranges you have specified.
  • Non-Response – View all awardees that have been sent literature and/or ordering instructions but have yet to place their orders.
  • Usage – View which items have or have not been ordered by the awardees in your recognition program.
  • Response Type – View how your program’s awardees have placed orders (i.e. internet, phone, fax, mail) within a given timeframe.

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Customer Service Support


“Wow…10 years, that’s a long time. I’m sure you’ve seen quite a lot of changes.”

“That’s quite the accomplishment!”

One word, ENGAGING…that’s the best way to describe our customer service organization. It shouldn’t be any other way! When an awardee calls into our customer care team they are congratulated and a conversation soon sparks. Our customer care team is trained to engage and reaffirm the gratitude your company has toward its staff…we are an extension of your recognition presentation. We operate an “open floor plan” that encourages interaction and cooperation amongst all departments. As such, our customer care team knows your program from development to implementation; they’ve been included in discussions.

Have a specific question about an award item? Give a customer care specialist 2-3 minutes to pull the item from the warehouse and ask away…your specific questions are answered!

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Awards and Products

You will find “valued brand names” in all of our offerings. We believe that this is a consistent theme you want to convey to your team. We value you! We view gift offerings as “fluid” and flexible, not “written in stone” during the term of the program. We invite, encourage, and sincerely want client involvement. Award Concepts uses in-house publishing of award selection catalogs. Changes are responsive, timely and seamless. In addition, with on-line ordering, employees benefit because changes are immediate for their review.

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Jewelry Manufacturing

Our jewelry designers utilize the latest in CAD software to create beautiful pieces of corporate emblematic jewelry. A portion of award items are manufactured by Award Concepts, including fashion & corporate rings, lapel pins, key-rings and charms. From design to final product, all manufacturing is done at our plant in St. Charles IL. Award Concepts employs skilled crafts people including jewelers, polishers, as well as fully staffed stamping, casting, engraving and plating departments. In addition, we have in-house CAD jewelry design and prototype creation through our milling machine. Prototypes can be achieved in a matter of a few days.

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Award Personalization and Customization

We encourage award personalization. We want your employees to forever associate their gift with your organization, thus strengthening ties to their co-workers and the organization they belong to. We are advocate that each item either have an attached corporate emblem or companion lapel pin (in the cases of items like crystal). Furthermore, watches will have engraved backs and clocks will be provided with engraved plates.

Personalization and customization are available and determined through consultation. Examples of such include: customized award brochures, customized web-based award catalog and ordering portal, engraved plates, engraved watch backs, attached charms, corporate rings, and lapel pins. We print our customers’ program literature with an on-demand printing process.

The service we provide to you is one to further increase employee morale, satisfaction, and engagement. With this being said, we feel any chance to make the connection between the act of recognition and the company is an opportunity to increase these desired traits. Therefore, we recommend personalizing and customizing award offerings whenever possible.

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