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Isn’t it time to say something special? Your employee is probably very excited about the prospect of retirement, but at the same time, they are thinking back about all the years, all the time, all the things they have shared with their co-workers, with your organization. They were part of you, they are part of you, and they will always identify this significant portion of their life as being part of who they are. They have performed, they have invested themselves, and they have mentored along the younger generation that now is the future of your company.

What a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to them, to value them, and to make an enduring statement to the current generation, who you are asking to devote themselves to your team just as the co-worker you now celebrate and send off on the next journey of their life. The proper remembrance to those retiring conveys the value the organization places on its employees to both those retiring and those remaining within your healthcare organization.

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