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Recogniton Prevents Employee Disengagement

February 2, 2010 by  

Perhaps you are a manager within  your Human Resources or Sales department, maybe its another department within your organization…you notice one major problem; employee disengagement.  Maybe you have fallen victim and have become a disengaged employee yourself.  Its OK…it happens.  It is one of the biggest problems facing the American workforce.  However, it doesn’t need to happen.

According to The Gallup Organization, “There are 22 million disengaged employees that cost the American economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity, including absence, illness and other problems that result when workers are unhappy at work.”

Below are statistics that illustrate the extent of this problem.

  • 25% of America’s workforce are employed in industries that report 100% turnover
  • 70% of employees feel no obligation to stay with their current employer
  • 19% of employees are very negative about their work. These employees are considered actively disengaged – also known as “out to lunch”
  • 55% of employees are apathetic or uninterested
  • 90% of voluntary resignations are due to feeling under appreciated by their manager

Disengaged employees don’t just hurt themselves, they drastically affect your company and other co-workers.

  • Disengaged employees cause customers to do business elsewhere
  • Top producing employees can quickly become disengaged for lack of recognition and thus their productivity drops as they become disengaged
  • 40% of today’s top talent is preparing for retirement, a lack of appreciation from their managers and the company these individuals become disengaged.
  • Lack of energy within team meetings, brainstorming sessions and other company activities.
  • Other employees are directly or indirectly affected by a disengaged employee’s actions.

What Do the Best Companies Do About Disengaged Employees

Recognition programs
have been proven to increase employee satisfaction and overall morale, which is the key predictor of employee engagement. So, the best organizations use recognition programs to strategically manage employees and keep them engaged in their work.  The recognition programs are linked to the overall business strategy and have a direct effect on the bottom line.

Does your organization have disengaged employees?  Contact us today for a free consultation on how implementing an employee recognition program can help engage your employees, increase their overall satisfaction and boost your staff’s morale.

Source: The Gallup Organization; US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hudson Institute, Walker Information & The Economist


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