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Recognition Programs

We love our jobs. Our philosophy is simple; we treat award programs the way that we would want to be treated. Each of our employees understands the value in recognition and special care is put into each program. Award Concepts is a tight knit group, more of a family than a company. Many large corporations lose that family connection. On any given day our owners and factory workers interact.

Taking the initiative to recognize your employees is a powerful message in itself, we take it a step further and customize program materials. Recognition of your employee is not a single action, it is a process. Throughout the recognition process, from receiving their award packets, to choosing their award, to ordering their award, to receiving the award, your employees will be reinforced with a sense of appreciation and value. We don’t look at our jobs as providing a program, we view it as providing a service – that service is to act on your behalf to help recognize your employees for career milestones and that is something we enjoy very much!

Simply put, we save companies money while providing a combination of products, services, and personal attention that surpass that which they received from their previous supplier(s). We will spend the necessary time to work with you in developing a truly “custom” program that is your own.

Award Concepts provides its customers with high levels of personalized customer service and day-to-day attention to their program. Employees will communicate with Customer Care Specialists that are specifically assigned to your program. Our Care Specialists are people who know the program well and are empowered to make decisions regarding problems that might arise. All levels of management and support staff are made available to your employees for any issues that may arise. The size of our company allows us to be extremely responsive to our customers’ needs. Levels of middle management do not bog us down and we do not carry large overhead expenses associated with a large sales force, large corporate headquarters, and expensive sales brochures.

Finally, we are constantly improving our products and capabilities with the long term goal of providing better value and service to our customers. Examples of recent improvements include offering on-line award catalogs and administrative tracking and implementing computer aided design in emblematic jewelry manufacturing to reduce turn-around time on new prototypes.

Our Focus

Our focus has been and always will be in providing recognition programs. We do not have a retail store and we typically don’t get into promotional giveaway type items. By focusing solely on recognition programs we are able to perfect and streamline our offerings and processes.

We provide the following types of recognition programs: