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Nautical Awards – Ships in Bottles

September 1, 2010 by  

Sailors began crafting ships in bottles over 200 years ago, building the ships, folding the masts, slipping the ships in the bottles, then raising the masts and sealing the bottles. The ships by Ships in Bottles are created using this same process.

Ships in Bottles has been offering European-crafted ships in bottles and finely detailed small ship models since 1999.  The ships make unique going away or retirement awards.   They can fashion almost all of the products carried as an award piece. These “nautical awards” are perfect recognition gifts. They can personalize the models with engraved nameplates. They can  even customize select items in their collection with your company logo on sails and/or wax seals.

Are you interested in learning about other types of awards for retirement or other career milestones?  If so, contact us today!  Award Concepts is here to help.

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