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Managing Your Employee Recognition Program

March 25, 2011 by  

Employees expect to be recognized when they do good work. With healthcare organizations facing changes and priority shifts all the time, keeping employee morale high is critical for these organizations to keep up, grow and succeed in the long term. Award Concepts excels in creating effective recognition programs for hospitals and healthcare organizations around the United States. And we make managing your program very easy and intuitive. Think of it this way: Award Concepts is here to make your job easier.

Once your budget has been established, we work with you to develop a recognition program that works for you and your organization. Our experienced staff will collaborate with you and your recognition team to figure out what your goals are with the program. In terms of managing the program, it’s mostly a matter of approving several key elements of your program: pricing, literature, award selections and delivery timing.

You likely already have a master list of your company’s employees and their hire dates. When you’re ready to hand out award catalogs or certificates to your awardees, you’ll need to send us the employee’s information to process. At its most basic, this information would include the employees’ full names and years of service. For example, if you prefer to acknowledge your employees’ years of service every month, you would need to provide us the list of those employees a few weeks prior to the handing out of the award catalogs. Due to the customization and personalization of your hospital’s award selection catalogs, we will need at least 1-2 weeks prior to distribution to print them.

Every year, we recommend that hospitals review their formal (and informal) programs through employee and manager surveys. With those results, organizations must make improvements and eliminate ineffective parts of the program. We’ll also perform annual reviews of your program’s success. Your account representative will work with your schedule to find time for this review. In addition to annual reviews, we are also available to you throughout the year for any questions or feedback regarding your program.

Award Concepts keeps employee recognition simple and straightforward. Managing a recognition program shouldn’t feel overwhelming or frustrating. We’ll ensure that your program succeeds on all levels. Contact us today to get started.


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