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Low Cost Staff Appreciation Can Produce High Rewards

June 30, 2014 by  

Simple acknowledgement can go a long way.  As a manager, your employees seek your feedback, positive praise, and recognition regarding their performance.  This needs to be done on a consistent and ongoing basis.  Managers who express gratitude to their staff of employees establish a deeper personal connection with them and open the door for stronger communication and loyalty.  This can be achieved through simple acknowledgement and staff appreciation.

In order to create this connection between manager and employee, you need to decide what types of situations you want to acknowledge and reward.  This will become your list of staff appreciation ideas.  Staff appreciation ideas, such as record sales by month, record attendance, or record order volume, are all achievements that your organization and it’s managers can acknowledge and reward at a moment’s notice.

The list below offers additional staff appreciation ideas:

  • Celebrate the anniversary of each employee’s start date
  • Celebrate employee’s birthdays/engagements/additions to family/purchase of new home/etc.
  • A staff team initiates a new program that helps you acquire new clients or gets existing clients to return
  • Record days without accident
  • Factory workers respond to a rush order with speed and accuracy
  • Staff member receives a thank-you or recommendation letter from client that was addressed to a manager

To help identify items to include on your staff appreciation list, ask the following questions:  What could employees do to make the organization…better, faster, more efficient, more money, inviting, fun, etc.  Answers to these questions are the things that deserve recognition within your company or organization.

Employees who are recognized through staff appreciation programs offer many benefits, including increased productivity and attendance.  As a result, these benefits will lead to greater efficiency and profitability for your business.  Appreciation builds a bridge between you and your staff and in doing so helps your staff see you as a person/friend/collegue and not just the boss.

When you actively participate in acknowledgement of your employees you can expect things to change.  Employees who are recognized are typically more productive, less likely to be absent, and accept change with more ease compared to employees who are not recognized.

Don’t hate, appreciate!


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