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Ideas for Employee Appreciation and Recognition

March 21, 2011 by  

When a new employee is hired they are given a job description and duties in which to perform.  They receive training and upon completion of that training they are expected to complete their daily tasks.  The desired productivity level is something that can not be forced onto an employee by an employer.  To increase productivity levels in employees they must feel appreciated and motivated.  When an employee is motivated, they take a personal investment into their work and often work harder and smarter, this not only benefits the company, but the employee as well through performance reviews, promotions, raises, etc.  When employee morale is low, it can be lifted through employee appreciation and recognition.

There are many cost-conscious solutions for an employee to be appreciated and given recognition.  Often, managers are so engrossed in their own work as well as managing staff members that they have little spare time or forget the value in showing appreciation to an employee.  Studies show that simple and inexpensive employee recognition ideas can be as effective as high-priced employee recognition initiatives.  Therefore, it is important as a manager to take into consideration this study and make it a priority to appreciate and recognize their employees…in doing so, they will reap the benefits from having staff members who are energized, passionate, and motivated about their work.

Think about it…you like to feel appreciated and receive recognition for your efforts whether it be in your personal or professional life.  How does it make you feel when you receive such?  Your employees are no different.  Below are some employee appreciation and recognition ideas that require very little cost to your healthcare organization.

Handwritten note. This is a simple way to show appreciation and can be left on at the employee’s office or work station.  Be sure to make the connection between the employee and his/her contributions to the organization…this will make the employee feel that their work is important.

A summons. Often when an employee is called to a manager’s office it is to be reprimanded for something.  Change this up.  Summon an employee to your office just to say, “thank you” for something that they’ve done.  This will do wonders and not only boost employee morale, but strengthen your relationship with him/her.

Treat them special. This doesn’t mean to play favorites.  Assign special assignments to those that take initiative.  This is a great way to keep these employees motivated and energized.  This is also a display of trust and it helps the employee to perform important tasks faithfully.

Edible treats. Distributing edible treats such as chocolates, donuts, bagels, etc. amongst team members when targets are achieved is a great way to express employee recognition.

Praise. Inform top management of an individual or team’s accomplishments.  Individual recognition in the presence of management helps generate a sense of pride in the employee or team towards their work.

Have a party. Everyone loves pizza!  Order some pizzas in for lunch to celebrate an achievement or accomplishment of an individual or team.  Another option (weather dependent) is to have a picnic on campus.  Extend the allotted time for lunch and transform it into a party of sorts.

Take a picture. This is an excellent way to engage employees in their work.  Simply take advantage of the various photograph opportunities that exist in any given work day.  Take pictures of your employees performing their roles as care givers and display these images on a board near reception or on the walls throughout the hallways for others to see.

How organizations approach appreciation and recognition will differ, but every organization should have some form of a recognition strategy in which their primary goal is to create a culture of recognition.  The above are just a few examples of inexpensive recognition which may lead to impressive results from an individual or team.  For more information on this topic, contact a Recognition Expert at Award Concepts today!

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