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Healthcare Theme Porcelain Figurines by Lladro

February 19, 2010 by  

In 1953 Juan, José and Vicente Lladró make their first creations inspired by an experimental vocation in a Moorish furnace built in their own home in Almàssera (Valencia, Spain). Today, the creations of Lladro are known worldwide and valued for design and styling and innovative crystalline finish. All figurines are produced and imported from Spain.

We have gleaned over the collections of Lladro to give you some very nice ideas for heirloom gifts to recognize your healthcare professionals.

– “Making Rounds” is a 13.75” high figurine that depicts a dedicated nurse working her floor.

– The depiction of the tenderness of a nurse is captured in “Nurse” which is a 13” high piece by Nao by Lladro.

– A “Male Doctor” is caught in pose contemplating a diagnosis in a 12.25” high porcelain figurine. (8188)

– Ready with her stethoscope, Lladro has captured a 12.25” high porcelain figurine, “Female Doctor”, tending to her patient.

– The attentive 14.25” high “Nurse” looks upon her patient with understanding and compassion.

We would like to show you a broader racial diversity in the depictions, nonetheless, these are the only healthcare theme figurines we could discover in the LLadro collections.

Process of creation

Every Lladró piece of work is the result of a laborious artistic process. Sculptors follow their own inspiration but also perform, if the work requires it, a meticulous process of research and documentation. This is often the case with pieces or collections that reflect other cultures.

Every Lladro creation begins with an artistic inspiration. The sculptor then makes the first sketch of the new figure in clay, which is examined and approved by the Creativity Committee, made up by many members, one of whom comes from the Lladró family. The sketch, in clay, is reproduced in plaster to provide the first mold, which will in turn become the definitive mold for the porcelain figurine.

A mid-sized figurine may need between 15 and 20 molds and up to 300 for complex pieces. The fragments coming from these molds are joined by liquid porcelain paste to obtain an exact reproduction of the original model.

The decoration

Once the figurine is reconstructed, the decoration process starts. In compliance with the sculptor’s instructions, and the surface of the piece –so far smooth– it is carved with delicate motifs that will give it its final appearance. It is at this point that the face on the sculpture gets its expression and the tiniest details are delicately crafted. In addition, the figurine is painted and if it requires a glossy finish is later covered with a coat of varnish, which grants it that crystalline look that is so characteristic of Lladró.

Many Lladró sculptures display one of the most valued and differentiating features of the brand: flowers. Each one is fully made, petal by petal, following a very delicate process in order to obtain unique, unrepeatable creations.

The test of fire

Finally, the sculpture is put to the test of fire: it remains for approximately 24 hours in a kiln at over 1300º C. Porcelain vitrifies, varnish crystallises and Lladró’s true colors, so far hidden, come to the surface.

Once the crafting process finishes, the sculpture goes through several quality controls. Most pieces make their way successfully to the end of the process, and those that do not comply with Lladró’s quality standards are destroyed.

A large team of craftsmen contribute to developing Lladró sculptures, making each of them unique: painters, ornamentalists, flower artists… All of them pool their knowledge and expertise to create a piece with the highest artistic and technical quality.


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  1. Rosa M. Rivera on February 13th, 2015 11:40 am

    Can you tell me the price (more or less) of the nurse?

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