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Award Presentation Worksheet

January 31, 2015 by  

Do you have an upcoming employee recognition speech to give? Are you presenting at your organization’s next recognition event or banquet? Download our handy Award Presentation Worksheet! Simply print and fill out a worksheet for each employee you are recognizing. Be sure to show your appreciation with meaningful, relevant facts and stories of your employees. Give each individual’s worksheet special thought and consideration. Your employees will love what you have to say about them!

Download Award Presentation Worksheet here:

Managing Your Employee Recognition Program

March 25, 2011 by  

Employees expect to be recognized when they do good work. With healthcare organizations facing changes and priority shifts all the time, keeping employee morale high is critical for these organizations to keep up, grow and succeed in the long term. Award Concepts excels in creating effective recognition programs for hospitals and healthcare organizations around the United States. And we make managing your program very easy and intuitive. Think of it this way: Award Concepts is here to make your job easier.

Once your budget has been established, we work with you to develop a recognition program that works for you and your organization. Our experienced staff will collaborate with you and your recognition team to figure out what your goals are with the program. In terms of managing the program, it’s mostly a matter of approving several key elements of your program: pricing, literature, award selections and delivery timing.

You likely already have a master list of your company’s employees and their hire dates. When you’re ready to hand out award catalogs or certificates to your awardees, you’ll need to send us the employee’s information to process. At its most basic, this information would include the employees’ full names and years of service. For example, if you prefer to acknowledge your employees’ years of service every month, you would need to provide us the list of those employees a few weeks prior to the handing out of the award catalogs. Due to the customization and personalization of your hospital’s award selection catalogs, we will need at least 1-2 weeks prior to distribution to print them.

Every year, we recommend that hospitals review their formal (and informal) programs through employee and manager surveys. With those results, organizations must make improvements and eliminate ineffective parts of the program. We’ll also perform annual reviews of your program’s success. Your account representative will work with your schedule to find time for this review. In addition to annual reviews, we are also available to you throughout the year for any questions or feedback regarding your program.

Award Concepts keeps employee recognition simple and straightforward. Managing a recognition program shouldn’t feel overwhelming or frustrating. We’ll ensure that your program succeeds on all levels. Contact us today to get started.

Cash Awards: They Cost More Than You May Have Expected

February 23, 2011 by  

Occasionally in our journey to find organizations we can help, we come upon groups that use cash awards to recognize their caregivers.  Let’s take a look at “cash vs gifts”.  Cash awards have a few perceived advantages on face value…we are told cash awards are easy to dispense and usually the comment, “my folks want cash”.  As I said, “on face value” these may seem to be two good reasons…but, the easy answer most often is not the best answer.  In the case of cash awards for recognition, it really is not the best for both your organization financially or for your caregivers.  In this article, I will give you some excellent tools to use to make an informed decision on how to effectively recognize your caregivers for your employee recognition program.  Are you ready to read more???

10 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Walk to Wellness Incentive Program

May 22, 2010 by  

Looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your Walk to Wellness Incentive Program?  Below is a short list identifying 10 ways which will help you increase the effectiveness.

  1. Secure management support
  2. Recruit an internal celebrity, influencers, champions
  3. Coordinate an enrollment event
  4. Utilize and encourage walking groups
  5. Promote walking-friendly environment
  6. Target family participation
  7. Plan and highlight on-site events
  8. Use incentives
  9. Communication and promotion
  10. Make it fun for everyone!

How Can I Compare Competitive Bids?

March 7, 2010 by  

You have decided upon a service award recognition program that will give your employee an opportunity to make a gift selection from a group of options. When you approach a service award provider about presenting a bid to supply your needs, most likely you talked to them about budget levels of expenditure for the years of service to be recognized. For instance, a common budget plan is to use $10 for each year of service and recognize service at 5 year intervals. This would yield $50 at 5 years, $100 at 10 years, etc.

You’ve told them what you’re willing to spend. Subsequently, your bidders all come in with proposals at the same dollar levels. How can you compare? Well, I’m sure you want to see if you are paying fair prices for the individual gifts offered in each budget level.

Insist that the bid presentation include images of the proposed product offerings. There are some core name brands that every service award supplier needs to offer. Examples are Bulova watches, Howard Miller clocks, Waterford crystal, etc. The brand manufacturers have marketed certain of their product lines to companies like service award companies. Therefore, you will see “like” items in the product offerings of every service award provider. Spend some time looking over the product offerings presented by each service award provider. All service award suppliers are utilizing the same high resolution images provided by the brand manufacturer. Even though you do not know the manufacturer part number, you will be able to tell like items by the common image.

Service award providers tend to margin all items across the board at the same level. Look over the individual product listings offered by your bidders. You only need to identify a few “bell-weather” items common to the bids to get a feel for which company is giving you the best value for the dollar you have budgeted. If you see an item common to some of your bids but not all, you might ask the provider missing the item, if they would add it to their offering.

There’s nothing wrong with a company making a profit…but you want to guard against a company making an excessive profit at your expense. Be an educated buyer!

A Recognition Program Starts with a Budget

February 22, 2010 by  

In these times, finances are on everyone’s mind. Matter of fact, they are the topic of many a speaker advertising seminars and teaching to help you get out of debt. All these experts will agree on one thing…to stay out of debt, you need a plan and a budget. A budget helps discipline ourselves to stay in the bounds to accomplish our plan…and a properly funded budget insures we will carry out our well thought out plan…remember a lot of rationale goes into a plan…why let a good idea be torpedoed because of a lack of funding!

You feel your company needs an employee recognition program as a very important component towards workforce development, retention, and loyalty. Perhaps you don’t currently have a program or you feel that you have a poorly funded program (which if anything, shouts how hypocritical and cheap your company is). How do you make the case?

This may mean that an advocate for recognition and incentives in your organization (Human Resources or Sales & Marketing) may need to apply some simple accounting and business principles to make a case…in most cases, selling the plan to the financial caretakers of your organization.

When it comes to recognition, too often the first question is, “how much do we want to spend?” This is an immediate question that looks for immediate answer…”how much do we have available?” This is not planning…this is reactionary. You need a plan that will sustain itself through the good and the bad business years. A recognition service award program budget should not be dependent upon the ebb and flow of business. It must be a funded budgetary line item in your business plan. Once a company makes a commitment to service recognition, you have made a promise to your employees. Your integrity as an organization depends upon follow through…it is a business liability. A recognition budget should be a funded liability…much like accruals for payroll and income taxes…accruals should be charged against operations to fund a self-sustaining recognition budget.

Let me present an example.

What percent to sales cost does your management feel comfortable with? What can you sell them on? Perhaps 1/100 of a percent to sales might be palatable, that’s .0001 x your sales! That shouldn’t get the shareholders too excited! Let’s take a look at some numbers.

Say the annual sales of your organization are $50 million and you have 400 employees. A rate of 1/100 of a percent to sales would yield $5,000 per year towards recognition (can you afford more??).

Your company has 400 employees. An industry average shows that if years of service recognition are given at five year intervals of employment, approximately 10% of your workforce will be recognized per fiscal year. Therefore, in this case study, 40 employees will be recognized per fiscal year. Subsequently, a $5000 yearly budget for years of service means about $125 average spent per employee recognized in a fiscal year.

What about the accrual? You should be accruing as an expense against monthly sales approximately $417/month, or stated another way, $1.04/month per employee ($417 / 400 employees)!

You see, when you break information down into numbers you are speaking the language of the business managers of your organization. I don’t know about you, but I think the numbers presented above are embarrassing if you are trying to make the statement to your employee “we value you”! If you just increase the accrual per employee up from $1.04 to $2.00/month, you increase your pool of funds for recognition to $9600 (only 2/100’s of a percent to sales!) and your average per employee spent on recognition in the year goes to $240! How much more of a statement can you now make to the employee you want to recognize for their contribution for the past five years! Still seems small doesn’t it!

You see, sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Speak management’s language and you very well will be able to get a recognition service award program or more adequately fund your current program to achieve higher value impact for the morale of your organization. You’ll be a champion for your co-workers!

Obviously, this is a simplified presentation. You may not enjoy crunching numbers to justify a proposal, but I guarantee if you make the effort, your management will listen to your proposal with much more interest…and that is the first hurdle to pass. Plug in actual numbers for your organization and you can present a pretty good recognition proposal for your management.