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Looking for Hospital Recognition Thank You Cards?

March 21, 2011 by  

If so, we’ve got them.  As one of our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions we provide eCards to recognize and acknowledge various milestones and achievements…thank you cards are just one type.  These eCards are an excellent way to provide a no-cost recognition solution to your care givers.

Our SaaS solutions are part of our admin recognition portals for service award administrators and on our awardee recognition portals.  The eCards are available on both recognition portal websites.  We provide generic eCards for the following:  anniversaries, job well done, birthdays, welcome aboard, thank you, congratulations, and holidays.  We can even create custom eCards that are branded to your organization.  Custom cards can feature your logo, artwork, mission, vision and values…the possibilities are endless.  Contact us today to start a conversation with one of our Recognition Experts to get this free SaaS solution implemented as part of your organization’s recognition strategy.

If you are looking for hospital recognition ecard solutions, we’ve got them!

Ideas for Employee Appreciation and Recognition

March 21, 2011 by  

When a new employee is hired they are given a job description and duties in which to perform.  They receive training and upon completion of that training they are expected to complete their daily tasks.  The desired productivity level is something that can not be forced onto an employee by an employer.  To increase productivity levels in employees they must feel appreciated and motivated.  When an employee is motivated, they take a personal investment into their work and often work harder and smarter, this not only benefits the company, but the employee as well through performance reviews, promotions, raises, etc.  When employee morale is low, it can be lifted through employee appreciation and recognition.

There are many cost-conscious solutions for an employee to be appreciated and given recognition.  Often, managers are so engrossed in their own work as well as managing staff members that they have little spare time or forget the value in showing appreciation to an employee.  Studies show that simple and inexpensive employee recognition ideas can be as effective as high-priced employee recognition initiatives.  Therefore, it is important as a manager to take into consideration this study and make it a priority to appreciate and recognize their employees…in doing so, they will reap the benefits from having staff members who are energized, passionate, and motivated about their work.

Think about it…you like to feel appreciated and receive recognition for your efforts whether it be in your personal or professional life.  How does it make you feel when you receive such?  Your employees are no different.  Below are some employee appreciation and recognition ideas that require very little cost to your healthcare organization.

Handwritten note. This is a simple way to show appreciation and can be left on at the employee’s office or work station.  Be sure to make the connection between the employee and his/her contributions to the organization…this will make the employee feel that their work is important.

A summons. Often when an employee is called to a manager’s office it is to be reprimanded for something.  Change this up.  Summon an employee to your office just to say, “thank you” for something that they’ve done.  This will do wonders and not only boost employee morale, but strengthen your relationship with him/her.

Treat them special. This doesn’t mean to play favorites.  Assign special assignments to those that take initiative.  This is a great way to keep these employees motivated and energized.  This is also a display of trust and it helps the employee to perform important tasks faithfully.

Edible treats. Distributing edible treats such as chocolates, donuts, bagels, etc. amongst team members when targets are achieved is a great way to express employee recognition.

Praise. Inform top management of an individual or team’s accomplishments.  Individual recognition in the presence of management helps generate a sense of pride in the employee or team towards their work.

Have a party. Everyone loves pizza!  Order some pizzas in for lunch to celebrate an achievement or accomplishment of an individual or team.  Another option (weather dependent) is to have a picnic on campus.  Extend the allotted time for lunch and transform it into a party of sorts.

Take a picture. This is an excellent way to engage employees in their work.  Simply take advantage of the various photograph opportunities that exist in any given work day.  Take pictures of your employees performing their roles as care givers and display these images on a board near reception or on the walls throughout the hallways for others to see.

How organizations approach appreciation and recognition will differ, but every organization should have some form of a recognition strategy in which their primary goal is to create a culture of recognition.  The above are just a few examples of inexpensive recognition which may lead to impressive results from an individual or team.  For more information on this topic, contact a Recognition Expert at Award Concepts today!

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It’s the Thought That Counts

March 14, 2011 by  

Managers are quick to admonish an employee when under-performing and when mistakes are made.  When an employee does wrong it rarely ever goes unnoticed.  Employees are expected to do the job they are hired to do and expected to do it well.  Employees are human though and mistakes are made.  Mistakes however are often few and far between yet they are noticed, however when all deadlines are met, targets achieved, projects completed, the recognition for the same is missing in many organizations.  As a manager, it is important to realize that taking time to recognize employees’ contributions, whether big or small, go a long way in bringing out the best in them…as well as in your organization.  Being noticed helps with employee engagement and morale.  Everyone likes to feel valued and appreciated.  Simple acknowledgments of recognition are a great way to motivate your employees to perform better and appreciating their work.  Below are a few suggestions to incorporate into your total recognition strategy to help promote a culture of recognition within your organization:

A Hand-Written Note of Appreciation

This is number one on my list because it is personal as well as lasting and are often saved and read later and serve as a remembrance of the action being recognized.  A simple thanks or pat on the shoulder and “job well done” is good, but putting it on paper has long lasting value.

eCards and eCertificates

Quick and easy to create and share, these make a great solution for on-the-spot recognition.  These Software as a Service solutions are free and provided by Award Concepts.

A Stress Reliever Kit

Your employees go through a lot of stress daily in order to complete projects and achieve important deadlines.  As such, a stress reliever kit can go a long way.  This kit could include things like:  CD with relaxing music or of their favorite artists, some chocolates, fruit, and a journal (used to vent by writing in it to release stress).  These will allow them to take a break from the built up stress of their job.  This will signify to them that you recognize and understand the difficulties of their job and will also demonstrate that you value their contributions and they will be motivated to perform better and complete the projects on their to-do list.

A Day Of(f) Fun

To recognize the efforts after achieving an important deadline, give your employee the day off and do not disturb them with calls about work so that they have a free day to unwind and relax and forget about work for at least a day.  You can even do this for a particular team that worked together by giving each team member their day off at different times throughout the month.  You may think that you can’t afford to give a day off, but their efforts will double once they are rejuvenated and refreshed.

Recognition Wall

Setup a wall in  common area such as a hallway, break-room, lunch-room, etc. to dedicate a space on the wall to recognize and showcase those who have made a significant contribution to the organization.  This could include photos and descriptions each employee’s contributions.  These could be submitted by fellow employees and in doing so a strong rapport is built amongst colleagues which is the foundation of any great organization.

Remember..."it's the thought that counts" ;)

As the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts”.  Nothing is more valuable to an employee than knowing that their contributions to the organization do not go unnoticed.  No employee wants to go to work and leave without knowing/feeling like they’ve made an positive impact on the organization.  As managers, it is up to you to let them know how important they are and how much you value their efforts.


We Provide the Tools to Fuel Your Hospital Recognition Program

February 7, 2011 by  

Do you feel that recognition once a month or once a year just isn’t enough?  If you’re like many organizations, you probably celebrate employees’ years of service anniversaries once a month or once a year for logistical purposes, but you wish you could do more on a day-to-day basis.  Most will agree that recognition is an essential part to a healthy relationship between employer and employee, yet it seems to be a difficult task.  Award Concepts has invested into the development of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to help fuel your hospital’s recognition program.

We’ve developed what we refer to as Recognition Portals.  We have an Admin Recognition Portal which is geared towards program administrators and we have an Awardee Recognition Portal which focuses on the recipient.  Each portal provides tools for day-to-day recognition that will help create a culture of recognition and fit in with your total recognition strategy.

Tools like our customized eCards, Certificate Builder, Recognition Bulletin Board, daily email reminders to managers about employee’s birthdays and anniversaries, department spotlights, peer-to-peer recognition, and so much more!

In this article, I’d like to introduce two of these tools; eCards and Certificate Builder.


Our eCards are virtual greeting cards that provide a “green” way to send fellow employees, friends, and family inspiration and caring messages at any time.

We provide a feature that allows for a CSV file to be imported into the administration panel of the portals which populates an address book.  The address book allows the sender of an eCard to search by name, location, department or any other specified fields you desire!

Our art department will work with you in creating branded eCards that can reflect your company’s image as well as mission, vision, and values.  It becomes quite a fun process working with our art department in creating your own unique eCards…they are sure to get many compliments from your staff!

Certificate Builder

Perfect for on the spot recognition, our Certificate Builder allows you to design and create personalized certificates to recognize various accomplishments.  The way our builder is designed allows you to create an infinite number of unique certificates.

Using a three step process:

1.  the user selects a layout design

2.  the user enters in criteria;  name of employee recognized, presenter’s name, type of recognition, accomplishment and even have the ability to import a campaign logo…not just the hospital logo

3.  the user opens the certificate as a PDF file and is able to print it

Once printed, the manager has a certificate that he/she can present to the employee in person to recognize an accomplishment so that it does not go unnoticed.  This simple gesture is a great way to increase employee morale and have high job satisfaction within the workplace!

Get Started Today!

Are you interested in learning more about our programs and services?  Want to implement some of our SaaS solutions as part of your total recognition strategy?  Contact us today! We want to give you a glimpse of what partnering with Award Concepts can do for your recognition program and how we can help change the culture of recognition within your organization, one solution at a time.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start a conversation with us today!

Great Product Ideas to Help Promote Heart Health Month

January 19, 2011 by  

February is Heart Health Month! Let Award Concepts help you find the perfect gift to make your upcoming event a success. With a range of styles and price points to choose from, our products offer something for every promotion and every budget.  Featured below is a selection of great items to help spread the word.

Introducing the AC Guide to Employee Recognition on Facebook!

December 22, 2010 by  

First off, why Facebook you might ask.  Well, there are more than 400 million active users on Facebook, which means there are plenty of opportunities for Recognition!  Samplings of things to recognize are birthdays, years of service with company, addition to family (child, pet, new house, etc.) or by simply tagging friends in photos or wall posts.

Our company, Award Concepts is devoted to developing Software as a Service (SaaS) recognition solutions which provide you the tools to effectively recognize employees.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Facebook is an amazing social network used and beloved by millions.  That being said, our goal in creating this guide was to show folks how to utilize and leverage the tools that are already present….tools which they are likely currently using.

Inside the guide you will find 5 Engaging Ideas for Facebook Recognition.  These ideas present ways in which to engage your employees via the social network.  We encourage employees to connect and network with one another outside of work and this guide demonstrates the simplicity to do such.  Following this guide will further enhance your company’s Total Recognition Strategy and increase employee engagement and employee morale.

Download the AC Guide to Employee Recognition on Facebook.

Let’s Say Thanks

December 10, 2010 by  

Xerox is back at it again with what I think is one of the best Holiday promotions ever!

The three words “you’ve got mail” most of us take for granted, but to our troops in the Armed Forces thousands of miles from their home, it can offer just the boost they need.  I know this first hand, because I was in a situation years ago…14 months spent away from my home, family and friends…mail was something that always provided the uplift I needed.  I received mail from family and friends, even people I had never met before…you expect your family and friends to write, but what really got to me were the people I had never met that took the time to write to me…a stranger.

Xerox’s website, Let’s Say Thanks gives you ,”a stranger” the opportunity to send a free printed postcard to U.S. military personnel stationed overseas showing your support and appreciation for their service to our country.  You are able to select from postcards depicting patriotic scenes and hometown images designed by children ages 6-14 from across the country.

Recognition doesn’t just start and stop at the workplace; it is a lifestyle.  As your Recognition Expert, I wanted to share this wonderful site with you and urge you to send a holiday greeting to one of our troops…pass this along to your friends too!

Thanksgiving Day 2010

November 30, 2010 by  

Greetings! I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for allowing me to serve as your Recognition Expert. Thanksgiving is meant to be spent with family and friends, as such I felt I should write something to each of you.

family = clients and friends = future clients ;)

I am privileged to serve as a sales representative for a company that studies and embraces RECOGNITION. I view my work as a calling and not a job. I am here to answer any questions and serve you in any way so that your employees view their roles the same as I view mine. Recognition is more than just a program acknowledging years of service, sales achievements, safety, etc. Recognition is a lifestyle that is contagious and a catalyst to many positive benefits for any organization. Recognition is the realization of a higher calling…viewing yourself as more than just an individual…we all play a part in something much bigger.

I elected to use the photo of myself looking out on the mountains of the Appalachian Trail for the ePostcard (pictured above) because of what it symbolizes to me. With the day-to-day it is sometimes hard to find time to reflect. Thanksgiving to me is a time to reflect upon what all you have to be thankful for. It is when I’m in nature that I find the needed time to forget about whatever stress is in my life and reflect on things with a clear head. This image is the wallpaper on my computer desktop. It serves as a reminder to me of all I have to be thankful for year round and the overall “bigger picture”.

Thanksgiving Day is a time to celebrate and be grateful. Recognition serves the same purpose. We recognize to acknowledge, praise, and say thank you to the individuals that contribute to the goodwill of our organizations. As individuals sharing this earth together we are all bound and linked with one another. I want to express my gratitude to each of you for allowing me to serve you.

I hope that each of you find yourself surrounded by friends and family today and with all the chaos surrounding the preparation of the feast, you find a moment to pause and recognize all that you are thankful for in the past, present, and future!

The average person spends more time at work with co-workers than they do at home with family…view some of my favorite photos from this past year and get to know a little about the stranger contacting you by telephone.

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you…I look forward to getting to know each of you on a more personal level over the years.


Carl H. Martens
Regional Sales Manager

ph: 678-231-3615

Employee of the Year Award Ideas

October 1, 2010 by  

Wow…where has this year gone?  Today marks the start of fourth quarter 2010; only three months left until we find ourselves celebrating with friends and family to bring in the new year.

With year end approaching, it is time to start to consider award ideas to recognize your Employee of the Year or Employees of the Year.  This is a great chance to affirm those employees that show superior performance.  It is important to honor and recognize these individuals because they set the standard for other hospital employees to strive for and follow.

There are many award items to present as the Employee of the Year Award and we have created a short list of items to consider.  If you would like to learn more about any one of these items or explore options for other offerings contact us to start a conversation with an employee recognition expert.

Award Ideas for Employee of the Year

  • Commemorative Badge ACcent
  • Commemorative lapel pin
  • Commemorative ring or other piece of jewelry
  • Plaque or crystal award with engraving
  • Gift selection

Other Ideas

  • If your hospital is affiliated with a university, two season tickets provided by the Athletic Department to the sport of their choice.
  • Recognition in hospital newsletters, websites, and other publications.
  • Designated, free parking space for one year adjacent to or in close proximity of employee’s place of work.
  • Extra (paid) vacation days

In the event that you do not have an Employee of the Year program in place, we have created the following template which you can download and use to help select your Employee of the year.

Download the Employee of the Year Template

If you would rather have the nomination form online and need help setting up an Employee of the Year online polling system, contact us and we’d be glad to help!

ASHHRA 2010 Winner Announced

September 28, 2010 by  

First off, thank you to everyone that participated and attended the ASHHRA 46th Annual Conference & Exposition in Tampa, Florida this past weekend.  We had great weather and got to meet and interact with some fun folks.

If you stopped by the Award Concepts booth at the show you were entered into a chance to win a Samsung MP3 player.  We collected a lot of entries and had our drawing today.

The winner is…

Luke Morris

Luke is a Human Resources Consultant with Intermountain Healthcare located in Provo, Utah.  Congrats Luke!

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