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Award Presentation Worksheet

January 31, 2015 by  

Do you have an upcoming employee recognition speech to give? Are you presenting at your organization’s next recognition event or banquet? Download our handy Award Presentation Worksheet! Simply print and fill out a worksheet for each employee you are recognizing. Be sure to show your appreciation with meaningful, relevant facts and stories of your employees. Give each individual’s worksheet special thought and consideration. Your employees will love what you have to say about them!

Download Award Presentation Worksheet here:

How to Interpret Recognition Survey Results

May 2, 2014 by  

The power of positive reinforcement and recognition for a job well done is something that everyone appreciates.  Managers and supervisors know and realize this.  Even the best initiatives and intentions can produce undesired results.  Recently, I witnessed this first hand when reviewing the results of a survey sent to a sampling of one of our client’s awardees.  Recognition practices and programs impact each individual differently, whether positively or negatively.  There is no one size, fits all.  It is important to appeal to the masses, yet without forgetting about the minority as well.

Consider the impact of public recognition.  For some, being honored in front of one’s peers represents an ultimate high and for others being put on display is sufficient reason to deliberately underachieve.  I can relate.  Although I love receiving praise and recognition, I’m surprising shy and don’t like much attention drawn to me in front of a crowd.  Not what you’d expect from a salesman, but it’s true.  It is something that makes me uncomfortable, yet I do still enjoy the recognition…just not my preferred means.  Consider this when planning for your recognition banquet or event.

Case in point:

“I just do not like going to ‘recognition’ banquets.”


“I did actually go, but had lots of work, speaker not interesting to me.”

Notice the usage of “I” and “me”?  Banquets and events like these are not for everyone.  Personally, I’ve skipped out on receptions like these in the past because I don’t feel comfortable at such events.  Do I think they are not needed?  Absolutely not!  For some, a reception such as this is more important than an award.  Hell, I even skipped my own college graduation ceremony.  Really wish I hadn’t because it would have meant a lot to my mother.  Even worse…I overslept for my sister’s college graduation and as I later found out that meant a lot to her.  You see…recognition isn’t just service awards…recognition really can be found in all walks of life!

Take criticism to your program with a grain of salt.  A common complaint when awardees are surveyed is that the awardee feels that the awards are not a good representation for their years of service.  This might be a result of poor award choices provided by your service award vendor, but more likely as a result of adhering to a budget.  If you’re budget is $200 at the 20 year level, but the awardee feels awards should be around $500, then no matter what the awards are, you will not satisfy and meet this person’s expectations.

Things break.  Whether they are a result of the item being faulty or improper usage of the item.  We know this.  We realize this.  We even include a note for each awardee along with their award.  Yet, with each survey conducted there are always complaints about an item damaged, breaking, not working, etc.  We, like the majority of vendors try to be proactive when issues like these arise, but unfortunately many of these go unheard of until survey results are given.  It is important as administrators to keep have open communication with your awardees and reiterate to them that should there be any problems, they contact the service award vendor immediately.  Recognition is suppose to be a time of honor and celebration, a positive moment in an employee’s life…we do not want there to be anything negative surrounding this milestone.

Case in point:

“The wine fridge was great while it was working. It broke about three months into the warranty. Heier would not work with me on a replacement. I got in touch with Award Concepts, Kayla, and she worked hard to get a replacement. It took several months to get a replacement because she had to find a substitute wine fridge. I received the sub about a month ago and everything seems to be working well. Kudos to Kayla and all her help.”

When contact has been made and notice given of an item defect we will go through hoops for your awardees.  We strive to make the recognition period a positive reflection of the goodwill of your organization to your employee.

What you see is what you get…well, sort of.  Unless you are currently (or have previously been) in procession of the item and can “play” with it you will never know 100% what it is you are receiving based upon an image and description in an award catalog or online.  We try to provide quality imagery, descriptions, and dimensions, however that sometimes isn’t enough.

Case in point:

It met my expectations. Having said that, I chose the wall clock. My father, who I consider a master carpenter, made many clocks including grandfather clocks for our home while I was living at home so you would have to really jump over hoops for me to be overly impressed with any clock so don’t take offense. Wish the chimes had been more pleasing to
the ear.

This individual obviously had high expectations considering their father had hand-crafted many clocks.  They were honest in their feedback and even stated that it would take a lot for them to be overly impressed with a clock.  It is unfortunate that they were unhappy with the chime of the clock.  Situations like these will arise.  We are currently looking into the ability of adding an audio file to items like this so one would be able to hear the chime of a clock before ordering.  Again, this was the only complaint about the chime of a clock of the survey respondents, but it provides an area to improve.

When I first reviewed the results of the survey I was disappointed in the results.  We strive for perfection so was quite critical.  After another look and a different perspective I was able to see the remarks differently and more open minded.  I’m hoping that this article demonstrated the type of mindset you must have when reviewing and interpreting your recognition program’s survey results.

An Employer’s Guide to Retirement Plans

February 18, 2014 by  

Based on a study by {Hewitt Associates} in 2004, majority of the employees from mid-sized to large companies in the United States said that health insurance benefits are more important than other company compensations. But apart from health insurance, other companies also provide retirement plans for their trusted and qualified employees. In this article, you’ll understand further why it’s beneficial to have the pension scheme as part of your company’s benefit to employees.

In the United Kingdom, the government recently introduced the auto-enrolment scheme. Launched in early October 2012, auto-enrolment plan seek to improve the standard of living of millions of people when they retire. Employers in the UK have a major role to play to implement this new pension scheme. Once you start learning about auto-enrolment, you’re likely to have more questions in mind. If you need assistance on how to apply auto-enrolment, you can search for Aviva Auto Enrolment. Aviva is one of the leading insurance provider worldwide. They can provide you all the answers to your insurance problem.

According to, there are two types of employer-sponsored retirement plans: qualified and non-qualified. If the employee meets the requirements set in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1947 then they can obtain the qualified retirement plans. Non-qualified plans apply to those employees that either do not meet the IRS Code or the ERISA requirements. These are funded by employers and it’s their responsibility to explain to their employees that they cannot get the tax benefits provided to qualified plan holders. The benefits under this scheme are paid at the retirement age in the form of annuities, which are taxed as ordinary income tax or in lump sum payments.
Here are the tax benefits under the qualified pension scheme:

– Allow employers to deduct annual allowable contributions for each participant
– Earnings on the contributions are tax-deferred until withdrawn by the employer for each participant
– Some taxes can be deferred even further through a transfer into a different type of Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Retirement scheme is part of the planning one does to be prepared for life after paid work ends, not just financially but in all aspects of life. By providing this benefit, you can be sure that you’ll attract reliable workers who’ll stay in your company for a long time.

What is the Purpose of a Formal Service Award Program?

March 28, 2011 by  

The main point is that a formal service award program holds a company accountable to doing daily recognition. Think about that previous statement. Compare your company’s standards of how you handle daily recognition to others in your industry. Would yours be better or worse than most? Imagine a company that holds a beautiful annual event that includes a dinner at a banquet hall, where all people celebrating a years of service anniversary are accompanied by their spouse to be honored in front of their peers and recognized for their dedication to the company.

A company who makes the investment of money and time to go through the work of recognizing its most important assets, the people, is going to also be inclined to take care of daily recognition throughout the year aside from the formal event. A manager who has to prepare a two minute synopsis of the awarded employee is going to be paying closer attention to the tasks the employee works on. This manager will be inclined to give positive affirmations to the employee for a job well done leading up to the event.

In other words if your company does not have a formal event the managers will most likely not be motivated to give small forms of incentives and recognition to their employees. A company that doesn’t take the time to recognize an employees long term commitment is not going to retain their best employees.

Now if your company doesn’t have the budget for a big banquet there are other things you can do. A low cost alternative is to pull everyone together in a unit for a few minutes to take the time to formalize the service award recognition. You are accomplishing the praise portion in front of their peers.

Employees that decide to quit their jobs usually leave because of a bad relationship with their manager. They don’t quit on the company they quit on the manager, which usually means they find the need the leave the company. This problem stems from feeling un-appreciated. Managers need to find ways to show genuine interest in their employees and look for ways to give positive affirmations.

If your company is lacking a formal service award program and is also looking for guidance on what to do for daily recognition contact us today, we can help!

What Drives Employee Productivity?

March 24, 2011 by  

There are many answers to this question. We are all given the same amount of minutes in each hour of work each day. Some people seem to accomplish more with less effort. How do I become one of these people that gets more done in what appears to be less time? How do you help others become those people? First of all, your employees are hopefully doing work that they look forward to doing on a daily basis. If they are not, they will be tired and un-motivated if their core skill set is not being challenged. The answer to driving employee productivity has nothing to do with time; it has to do with harnessing more energy at the goal.

What drives a high energy level? Passion and a definitive purpose with a clear goal of what is to be achieved is what drives a person’s energy level. You, as a manager, must be certain that you have clearly set the guidelines of what is to be achieved so that your employees know what they are working toward. Take a look at the ways you engage the interest of your employees toward their goals on a daily basis. Small incentives and public recognition of the people who are doing the right activities will keep their energy level high while driving productivity.

I also suggest that you have personal consultations to engage your employees and help them understand their core skill sets. Employees who feel satisfied with their work is key to productivity and employee retention. If a skilled, outgoing nurse is limited to answering the phones for her department during the majority of her shift, it will not be long before she is looking to be transferred to a new department. Think of a purebred race horse that is given the task of working in a farmer’s field all day, pulling a plow, to till the ground. The horse will soon be unproductive as it is not doing what it is meant to do. Now, if this same race horse knew that the field that was being plowed is going to be turned into a race track the clear set goal will motivate the horse to finish the task.

If you are looking conversation topics you should enroll in the 1 Minute Manager. You will receive a thought-provoking email every day that will reinforce a positive mindset and give you some good ideas for managing your workforce.