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About Us

Founded in 1985, Award Concepts has become a leading designer and provider of employee appreciation solutions. From consultation to fulfillment, we strategically handcraft, customize and personalize our customers’ programs on time and on budget. We are located in St. Charles, Illinois –USA. St. Charles is a suburb located 45 miles west of Chicago, Illinois.

For twenty five years, Award Concepts has been helping our clients acknowledge and recognize the service and achievements of their employees. In our growth over the years we have partnered with many healthcare organizations. We have listened and learned.

Any one of us relies upon the healthcare profession like no other profession. When are those times of reliance?…always in times of personal need for a loved one or ourselves. We hope and pray that our care-givers are on the “top of their game”. On a daily and hourly level, their actions are always impacting the lives of others.

As specialists in our industry we have recognized the uniqueness of our healthcare partners. We feel the healthcare profession needs our best. Personally, we all rely on you…you need our very best in supporting you in the important work you do for each and every one of us.

We are focusing ourselves to best serve the healthcare industry….to become your specialist. The more we know you, the better we are at tailoring our support to recognize, affirm, and encourage those in the healthcare profession to the high calling that they have accepted for their lives. This calling extends from the doctor in the surgery room, to the nurses bringing care, diagnostics unraveling mysteries, housekeeping preventing infections, and administrative providing support in the delivery of care to those hurting and in need. This is a ministry to others.

We hope you will find this website informative and encouraging. We see our role as “putting wind in the sails” of those in the healthcare profession. Our commitment is to bring our very best care to you and your healthcare organization.

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